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First of all, I want to start off by expressing my gratitude for being a subscriber to my newsletter. It is my goal that you benefit and gain value as a result of being a follower.

However, if you are no longer aligned with the message I send out, I humbly request that you unsubscribe if you are part of my newsletter. I know it might sound odd to ask subscribers to unsubscribe, but I want to keep it easy for you. Just like it’s important to spring clean your living space, it’s also important to spring clean your inbox. As a prosperity coach, I teach of the importance of only holding energy in your field that is in alignment with you. That includes the clothing you wear, the food you eat, the people you surround yourself with, the things that you say yes to, and, yes…

The people that you follow and subscribe to.

Imagine the possibilities if you start working from the place of making choices based on what serves your highest self.

Perhaps the reason you don’t have what you want out of life is because you follow people out of obligation and guilt, and not because you want to.

So go ahead, Warriors…unsubscribe if you feel that my content no longer aligns with you.


Warriors…when times feel hard, do you reach for comfort?

Perhaps it’s your favorite romantic comedy, reaching out to a friend, or having a nice glass of red.

If you’re like most people, chances are, you strive to feel comfort during the uncomfortable. It’s how we rest and calm down, and is an instinctual way of protecting ourselves from danger.

Let’s dive deeper, Warriors…

When times feel hard, do you reach for your old, addictive behaviours?

Examples of Addictive comfort behaviours:

🔮Stress Eating/Drinking


🔮Criticizing others


🔮Dropping healthy commitments

🔮Hiding these behaviours

🔮Negative self talk/Self sabotage

🔮Overdoing to exhaustion

As you can most likely imagine…this list could easily be very long.

Here’s the thing, Warriors…

When life gets hard, and if you identify with any of the above addictive behaviours, chances are, you are also someone who has issues with control.

Here me out…

Most humans want to avoid pain at all costs.

When life feels hard, many people feel like they’ve lost control.

And instead of leaning in to the hard, the brain immediately goes into avoidance tactics, or those behaviours discussed above.

If you identify as someone who likes to have control and certainty, chances are, you can probably relate to many of those behaviours, Warrior, don’t you?

And although these behaviours might distract you a little while from the fact that you don’t have control, in the end, you may soon discover that control is an illusion.

So those behaviours? Yeah, they aren’t going to change anything or anyone else, but they could potentially change you, in not the most favorable way.

My invitation to you, Warrior, is to lean into the discomfort of lack of control, and instead of choosing an addictive reaction, get into the habit of choosing nourishing habits instead.

Unsure what this means?

Hint: it should make you feel full, nourished, and relaxed, instead of tired and disempowered.

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Sending you ease and flow,




The Empowered Warrior Podcast; Founder and Host I help stressed-out entrepreneurs and business owners find Yin and Yang in their lives.